To some Second Life is just a game, but to me it’s truly a community. It was so heartwarming to know that so many residents care for individuals with Down syndrome. When I booked some of the live performers I had no idea they had family members with Down syndrome…it shows you how common this condition is.

Despite all the technical difficulties we still beat our goal!!! We raised over $156,000L! (over $600US) in one day!!

I would like to thank all the performers Sojurn Rossini, Edward Kyomoon, Sylar Morrisey, Maximillion Kleene, Mack Humbridge, DJ ETC, DJ Splash, Guitar Zane and a thanks to Totonaco for helping arrange the schedule 🙂

Your performance means alot to the many individuals with Down syndrome. You not only raised funds but you also gave awareness to the 300+ people in attendance this day.

Unfortunately due to some log-in issues Skye Galaxy wasn’t able to make it, but we are rescheduling his show so stay tuned for that date!

The Garden and donation kiosks are still up so if you couldn’t make it yesterday, just stop by anytime!

SURL to the Buddy Walk Venue and Garden

Kisses to all and can’t wait till next year!~

JL Zinner

Pictures will be posted soon!


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