Walk is going on now!!!!

We have almost raised 50,000L!! Maximillion is about ready to start, so come on over!!




Less than 24 hour to go for the 2011 Buddy Walk!

We had a few schedule changes but it still an awesome line up!! Hope to see everyone there!

WOW take a look at this line up!!!

This year is definitely shaping up to be the best SL Buddy Walk~!

Donation Kiosks are ready so please let BuddyWalk Frenzy know if you would like to place one in your place of business.

Take a look at this awesome Line up we have planned:
2-3p     Skye Galaxy
3-4p     AMFORTE Clarity
4-5p     Edward Kyomoon
5-6p     Sylar Morrisey (still confirming)
6-7p     Maximillion Kleene
7-8p     Mack Humbridge
8-10p   DJ ETC
10-11p  TBA
11-12p  Guitar Zane

SL Buddy Walk 2011

Getting Ready for the SL Buddy Walk 2011

The date will be March 21st. Please send JL Zinner if you are a live musician or DJ and would like to take part in this years’ Buddy Walk.

Check back often for more posts and updates!!


A big thank you to BOSLRadio.com for letting me talk about the Buddy Walk today.

Also a big thank you to those who made a donation.

Be sure to check in your area for a rl walk near you, www.buddywalk.org

WOW what a day~!!!

I can’t thank everyone enough for all their help and donations for the walk!

We raised $125,510L, twice the amount from last year!! And that was just in world, I think a few of you went and donated right at buddywalk.org

We also had almost 200 avatars show up in support.

I thought that doing a Second Life Buddy Walk would be a completely different experience than a real life one. But it’s really not, it was great meeting others who where parents, aunts, uncles, siblings of someone with Down syndrome. What is different is that there were many there that didn’t know much about Down syndrome, the Buddy Walk or NDSS. I know a few of my friends learned a few facts after taking the walk in the garden and that was so great to hear! Awareness is a big part of the walk.

The venue will stay up for a few weeks so please feel free to stop by and still do the walk if you weren’t able to yesterday. Donations will also still be accepted.

There are also subscribe kiosks for the Down syndrome group around so please join to be on the list to find out about next year’s festivities. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Unico/165/216/807

I want to thank all the performers for coming out and sharing their talent with us:
DJ Wylie
Harper Messmer [live singer]
AMFORTE Clarity [live singer]
MACK HUMBRIDGE [live singer]
DJ Splash Kidd
Phemie Alcott [live singer]

If you ever get a chance to catch one of their shows in world, go, they are all so talented!!

I also have to do a special shout out to DJ ETC for his auctions of his custom DJs booths…those 2 auctions alone raised over $37,000. Not to mention a whole lot of fun watching the bids!! Whoot!!

Thanks to our sponsors!
Wolfhaven Productions
DJ Splash Groupies
Inferno Ice for the use of it’s land

Thanks to Lauren too for being my right hand woman for the day!!

Photos are uploaded on Flikr.com If you are adding photos or tweeting please use the tag #slbw2010

Ok have to say it one more time THANK YOU EVERYONE!! and see you next year!

JL Zinner

Just over Half way through

We are just about half way through and I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and playing and DJing and supporting the SL Buddy Walk.

We have just 3 acts left but there is still time to come out and support this great cause!

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